Color Chart of Actual Available Fabrics (Currently 128 fabrics!)
$15, plus $5 shipping

Foam Pushup Pads


Solid Lycra Fabric Sarong--$40
Metallic, Hologram Sarong--$50
Solid Velvet Sarong--$60
Sparkle Velvet Sarong--$70

 One-Piece Swimsuits in the Following Styles:

                      Supersuit 1                            Supersuit 2
               (In Cardinal Red)                     (In Bright Orange)

                                         $250 for Solid Colors

One-Piece Swimsuits in the Following Styles:

                     Christy                                            Wrap                                            Twist
                   (In White)                                    (In Purple)                                    (In Lemon)

                                    $275 for Solid Colors

***Adding Rhinestones to any One-Piece Suit is
        an additional $40!

Two-Piece Swimsuits
    (Your Choice of Top Style and Bottom Style)
                       Solid Colors                         Color Combinations                       Textures, Prints
                            (Teal)                     ( Zebra/Black Combo)                   (White Eyelet)
                             $250                                     $275                                 $275

       Holograms                            Foils and Metallics                            Solid Velvets
      (In Purple Hologram)                         (In Teal Foil)                              (In Red Velvet)
            $275                                            $275                               $300--plain  $340w/rhinestone accents

Solid Velvet w/Rhinestones                    Sparkle Velvets
(In Aqua Ice Velvet w/Aqua Stones)  (In Parfait Pop Sparkle Velvet)
                    $340                                          $325